Post No. 1

I've got 'The Start of Something New' in my head by High School Musical.

I haven't seen that film in TOO LONG.

Talking of new somethings… 


To my sparkly new site and shop :) . 

Now, being a creative person you can hardly expect me to give you a completed blog post AND a finished website all in one go (after all, I've only been working on this for about 6 months-10 years). Not to give creative people a bad name of course, I was just one of the types that inherited the arty genes and lost the business ones in transit. 

So, I hope you're liking what you see/read/purchase so far!

My first part of brand-new-me-business-lady news, is thaaaaaatttttttttt.....


A pack of  FIVE A6 postcards will be available from for just £4.99 from MAY 17th. YAY. 


I can't believe I actually get to say that!

So far, 2015 has thrown a lot of stuff at this sweet bee; stuff that a lot of the time has made her more snotty and sad than sweet...

But, I hope you'll join me in celebrating the launch of a brand that for me, after a long winter, marks the start of springtime. Yay.


Speak soon friends :) xo