Post No. 3

It's been one of THOSE weeks. 


I talk about little things bringing me smiles and relief, but it can be the endless little things on my to-do list, or the little things that seem to wrong all at once that can really get to me too...

Do you get that as well?

Because when I look through Facebook, all I can see are people having pool parties, babies, and cocktails (not all at once, obviously), and I'm not always quick to find slightly messier looking lives that I can more easily relate to.

I'm not a social media or modern technology hater (that seems to be becoming quite fashionable these days, hey?), but I just felt the sudden urge to encourage you, my friends, to be honest with me about the sad and frustrating parts of life, as well as the cute and beautiful parts.

I LOVE to celebrate the latter, and often social media is the most amazing platform to do so, but I wonder if together we could also find ways to suffer 'better' together - perhaps with a little more openness and grace within our friendships? We could have a greater acceptance for life's inevitable changing seasons, not always letting them be numbed or hidden by Instagram filters & photos of pretty flowers (...guilty). 


I wonder if a combination of celebration and shared pain might contribute to a more fulfilling experience of life for many, including myself? 


So, maybe I'll just start by saying that I had a difficult week…* Just in case you did too. And maybe you'll realise that you're not alone, and maybe that'll feel nice :) .



*My shampoo ran out whilst I was in the shower, I literally cried over split milk, and other slightly more serious things. 



(I'm aware that the above really has nothing to do with postcards… But THANK YOU for all those who made the great life choice to buy the new postcard packs this week! You've brought silver linings to my clouds, and I sincerely hope the cards will do the same for you. :) )